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Find flowers faster

In the late spring and early summer, the wildflower guide of the app really shines. While hiking, it uses the ecosystem around you to narrow down the potential flowers so you only need to compare with a small handful to identify the flower. It also is able to determine which plants should be flowering in that area. With so many different elevations in the park, spring in the alpine and sub-alpine is much farther behind than other areas in the park, even near Estes Park.

State-of-the-art app just for Rocky Mountain

Expert Guides

Brief expert-written articles guide your journey with details and stories about the environment around you.

Customized Navigation

Get turn-by-turn directions to anywhere on the trail network and customize your route.

Works Offline

Everything is provided in the install so there are no maps to sync or images to cache. Your GPS doesn't need a signal—it all works offline.

Read rich interpretive content.
Get detailed trail descriptions for your route with offline maps.
Become a naturalist with field guides specific to your hike.

Your phone has you covered

Afield Rocky Mountain isn’t set to pre-set routes, so you can still reach your destination from nearby trailheads if crowds throw you off your plan. Alerts from the National Park Service are fetched ahead of time and kept on your phone. Everything works offline, without a phone signal.

Get a better appreciation and closer understanding of the park
The app is filled with information tagged on every foot of the trail system, so you can deepen your understanding of nature around you. As you hike in the park, Afield follows along with GPS. The wildlife and wildflower guides automatically filter down to the species to watch for.


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