About Afield Trails

Afield Trails began with the purpose of deepening peoples’ appreciation of the outdoors. I spent years at Google building products to serendipitously help users: bringing boarding passes, transit schedules, and directions at just the time and place you need them.

I want to tell that same story for hiking outdoors.

With the help of a small group of science writers, Afield has built Afield Rocky Mountain for Android and iOS phones. Data from state and federal databases were combined build rich maps that showcase plant communities, wildlife ranges, geology and more along the trail system of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Right now, I want to hear about your experience with the app. I’m looking for partners who agree that technology can augment hikers’ experience to support and expand this vision.

If you have an interest in working with Afield in any way, please contact me at patrick@afieldtrails.com.

headshot of Patrick Lacz
Patrick Lacz
Founder & Software Engineer

Patrick Lacz is a lover of data, computers, and the outdoors. He spent many years as a software engineer at Google before starting Afield Trails. When not programming or hiking (what passes for work), he enjoys time with his family, rock climbing, and playing board games.