On-the-trail guides for off-the-grid users

Afield Trail apps are meant to be used on the trail, far from phone signals. Wondering what plants and animals you might see? A good place to stop ahead? The stories behind the names of mountains, creeks, and trails? We’ll tell you what you want to know to deepen your experience on the trails of the National Parks. ` But the best thing about our apps? They work entirely offline—no cell signal or pre-trip syncing required.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Afield Rocky Mountain logo - illustrated bighorn sheep Our showcase app is for Rocky Mountain National Park. We have a huge list of features we plan to bring to hikers everywhere, but we’ve started close to home, and with what no other app can do: interpretation for every foot of the trail system.

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Guidebooks for the modern era

Expert Guides

Brief expert-written articles guide your journey with details and stories about the environment around you.

Customized Navigation

Get turn-by-turn directions to anywhere on the trail network and customize your route.

Works Offline

Everything is provided in the install so there are no maps to sync or images to cache. Your GPS doesn't need a signal—it all works offline.

Get detailed trail descriptions for your route with offline maps.
Read rich interpretive content.
Become a naturalist with field guides specific to your hike.
Get detailed trail information.

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